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I try to approach issues of policy pragmatically, rather than ideologically.  I care what works, and what makes life better for people broadly.  I'm always open to new ideas and evidence.

If there's an issue you're concerned with that you don't see addressed here, feel free to contact me.

Jobs / Housing Balance

Having a successful business in your town is great, but people need places to live.
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City Councilmembers have a duty to the public to use their power responsibly. Casting a vote to violate state law, even after being advised of the risk by the City Attorney, is a violation of that duty.
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Speeding up home improvement permits.

We need clear guidelines, and people following the guidelines shouldn’t get bogged down just trying to get a permit for months. (Read More)

City Charter

Writing a charter will take some time and effort, but will help us take charge of our own destiny.  We can diversify our sources of revenue, and we can change the way we elect our Council, to make sure every voter gets a truly equal voice.
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Neglected Streets

When you live on the “wrong side of town,” it’s even more important to build community spirit. (Read More)

Homelessness is a housing problem.

The housing-first approach works.

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Housing Policy is Economic Policy

Expensive housing means expensive teachers, and police, and waiters, and…

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Housing Policy is Climate Policy

Neighbors are better than commuters.

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Residential Parking Permits

Street parking is a valuable resource. If you give it away for free, of course people will try to use it too much.

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Do you have a flag?

A great city deserves a great flag.
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On our public schools.

City government doesn’t run the schools, but that doesn’t mean the city can’t try to make the school board’s job easier. (Read More)

Discouraging blight, encouraging investment.

People shouldn’t make money simply by holding empty properties. (Read More)

Where will the water come from?

Creating more apartments in downtowns, and allowing incremental growth in desirable inner suburbs that host jobs, will reduce water use, not increase it.
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