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Neglected Streets

All of us living in District 4 — east of El Camino Real, and especially east of the Caltrain tracks — know that historically our neighborhood has been more working-class and more ethnically diverse than the hills to the west.  To put it bluntly, we’re not as rich as some other parts of town, and as a result, fewer of our citizens have had the spare time and knowledge that would help them influence city government.  Many of our streets are in poor states of repair, and a number of them experience unreasonable levels of wear.

For instance, if you look at 6th Avenue north of San Bruno Ave, you’ll see that this residential street is being used as a thoroughfare by heavy trucks heading for the industrial area to the north.  They get off 101, and that’s the first right turn they can take, and so they do.  This leads to terrible wear on the street, as well as fairly regular damage to vehicles that residents have parked in front of their homes.

If elected, I will work to improve regulations and enforcement so that oversized vehicles don’t treat our residential streets like the open highway, and will fight to ensure the east side of town gets its fair share of resources and investment from our city government.

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Auros Harman for San Bruno Council
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